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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 6, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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over. as many americans may dread going back to work, a lot of other people just wish they had a job. wall street is bracing for what could be another ugly day, right, christine romans? >> absolutely right. >> reporter: futures are down, kyra 200 points and 30 minutes to go until the opening bell rings. a couple of things. a hangover from friday. three day weekend. people still trying to assess just how dangerous the job situation is in this country and whether there are really plans on both sides of the aisle to fix it. you also got european markets that had a tough night overnight. they were boun a little bit and now lower again. the concern there continues to be the european debt crisis. without any new reason to be confident in world markets or in the u.s., jobs and the debt crisis, no new catalyst to inspire any confidence offer buying. the path of least resistance after a long weekend is lower. bank stocks lower. your forecast probably has this in it, citigroup.
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your forecast probably has this one in there too. that one is down about 3%. you might have missed it, but on friday, the federal government suing 17 banks and financial institutions trying to recoup taxpayer losses tied to that mortgage debacle of the past couple of years. stocks right now are lower in premarket trading and down for the year, as you can see. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all down for the year and bracing for more losses this morning. >> see you back here at the opening bell in 28 minutes or so. the other story we are talking about a lot morning is the worst fire season in texas state history and growing more ominous. dozens of wildfires are burning now and at least 17 counties. the largest place is near austin and a 5,000 residents fled their homes and steps ahead of the fast moving flames. since the fire season began, flames have devoured 3.5 million
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acres, an area roughly the size of connecticut. jim spelman is in bastrop, texas. 30 miles southeast of austin. >> reporter: you can still see the low lying smoke here all across the horizon and it goes on and on and on. they have a lot of challenges to fight this fire. the first thing is the intensity of it. less than two days, almost 500 homes destroyed, 25,000 acres. it's all part of these inten drought conditions all over. 90% of the state of texas, this huge state under these drought conditions.
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down the road a few miles, fire popped up yesterday. 25 homes destroyed. near houston, another fire, 20 homes destroyed. and likely to see that going on and on. one of the big challenges they are face iing. putting out fires around the state as they can. a huge amount of challenges. on the good side the weather is a little while better today. much cooler and winds calm and take advantage of that on the ground to create fire lines between the fire and homes that have yet to be damaged and in the air with helicopters and planes dropping water and retardant to try to get a handle on this before it gets worse and before it spreads to other areas. kyra? >> jim spelman, we will be talking more throughout the morning. thanks. the remnants of tropical storm lee are moving toward the northeast now and leaving a trail of damage across much of the south. several tornadoes ripped through the atlanta suburbs yesterday and injuries were minor but the real danger is the massive rainfall. at least three deaths are reported in mississippi, alabama, and georgia and now the rainmaker carries the same flooding threat to the mid-atlantic, right, rob? >> and the northeast. they will be dealing with the rainfall. it stretches down to florida and across georgia where the severe weather was and now the severe weather potential up through the
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mid atlantic, even back as far west as the ohio river valley and getting up into the northeast. this isn't going to go away any time too soon. part of a stationary front as well and a tornado watch in effect for much of north carolina until about 2:00 this afternoon. same situation as we had yesterday. some daytime heating and added spin that lee has with it or the leftovers of lee. flight delays at new york airport. laguardia 50 minute delays there and charlotte 30 minute delays at this hour. katia at one point a category 4 and now 3. winds 125 smirp. it's miles an hour. a doozie. the forecast continues to be fairly confident as far as recurving it out to sea. that strong cold front that we have on the eastern seaboard will act as a blocking mechanism. drowning rip tides out there and
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hot on the heels of katia 70% of this thing forming. entering the peak of hurricane season and the atmosphere certainly showing those signs. paul steinhauser is with us now. >> with unemployment over 9% jobs by far the top issue on the minds of american. mitt romney to north las vegas, nevada, he will introduce his jobs plan and comes two days before the president in prime time goes before congress to address them on his plan. this morning, in the "usa today" in op-ed, romney is making his second bid for the white house gave a little bit of a preview and here are some of the things he listed what he says will create jobs. first of all, he will push for lower corporate and individual
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tax rates. he says he wants to pare back government regulations. he wants to increase domestic energy production and push for right to work legislation. and he wants to -- we will hear a lot more from romney this afternoon when he lays out the plan but as you can imagine, some of his rivals are criticizing jon huntman, another former utah governor running for the nomination and criticizing romney a web video and democrats are as well. here a statement from the democratic national committee communication director who says romney has promised a plan that is bold and sweeping. what americans are liningly to get are more of the same rhetoric and worn out ideas that failed america in the past and the best he can offer is tea party warmed over ideas of the past how is does that distinguish him with anyone else running for the nomination? we will hear more about jobs from romney and the president and other republicans. the top issue. >> another top subject that we
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are talking about this morning, the shake-up of michele bachmann's campaign. >> came down after she appeared in the forum in south carolina. ed rollins, someone we are familiar with right here at cnn, the long time republican strategist, he was running the campaign. he was the campaign manager. he out now. listen to what he said last night on cnn. >> i'm 68 years old. i had a stroke a year and a half ago. so work 12, 14 hour days, it's wearing. >> reporter: he will still have a senior advisory role and they thank him for all of his work. his number two is also out. is this a total reorganization? the campaign says no, this was planned but maybe it seems that way. listen. when rollins jumped in bachmann went up and won the straw poll in iowa last month and a huge victory and some of that credit goes to rollins but since then
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overshadowed by rick perry and dropping in the polls. guess what? it's time for a change. jimmy hoffa with a quote everyone is talking about this this morning. his tarktgeted? tea partiers. >> we will get reaction from amy kramer in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." did moammar gadhafi get away? officials in the african nation of niger say two libyan convoys are passing through their country. no word on who is in those convoys. zain verjee out of london is saying she is hearing something else. >> reporter: we are hoping to try to nail it down to see whether moammar gadhafi or members of his family are in those convoy but it's really difficult, kyra. only one report from the reuters
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news agency suggested that he was not in that convoy, that according to an official in niger. gadhafi has had a good relationship with so many african leaders because he has bankroll a lot of them. he has been generous with oil money and given it to so many african leaders. the other thing he tried to push for a united states of africa, a government, single currency and everybody has the same passport and guess who would be the leader of that united states of africa? he wanted the african leaders at a meeting to call him king of the kings so he would be running the show. take a look again at the map and just focus on one or two countries. i want to explain some of the dynamics going on here. in niger a tribe called a tuarag tribe and close to gadhafi's own tribe and have close links and
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he in the past has financed their rebellion in niger and using the same tribesmen in the recent uprising and calling them in to try to defend him against the rebels. also reports those same rebels are part of that convoy or are protecting that convoy. now fasso has said they would accept moammar gadhafi if he wanted asylum, he could have it. he is a very poor country and moammar gadhafi has been generous with them giving them a lot of money. they are party to cigsignatory the international criminal court. if gadhafi would show up there they would be obliged to hand him over but unclear if an offer was made they would do that. chad on the right of the map to niger, gadhafi used a lot of mercenaries and called them in as we have seen evidence to
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fight and defend him too. there are strong rengs gions int map you're looking at with gadhafi. back in court and fighting for her future, attorneys for american amanda knox are appealing her italian murder conviction. michele bachmann is says she is ready to ax the department of education. could that really happen some we will talk to a former secretary of education. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow.
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checking stories across the country. a violate labor day weekend in new york city. 48 people were shot and 33 on sunday alone.
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latest incident last night in brooklyn. three people killed and two police officers injured and a gun fight in a crowns height neighborhood. special session of the new mexico legislature convenes today. among the issues deciding whether to roll back a law that allows undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. ♪ darius rucker along with very special guest singer as you can see at the mda telethon that posted its best show since 2008 even without long time host jerry lewis. the 46th annual telethon took in nearly $61.5 million. 85-year-old lewis retired this year but he was remembered at the end of the show. michele bachmann says she is ready to eliminate the department of education and here is how she put it yesterday at a
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public forum. >> areas of government would include, for instance, i believe, the department of education because the constitution does not specifically enumerate nor does it give to the federal government the role and duty to superintend over the education. it has been held by local communities and state government. >> the department of education has been a target for the republican governments since established in 1979. its budget grown to $68.6 billion with 4,200 employees. bill bennett is a former secretary of education in the reagan administration. reagan tried to ax the education department. if it were to be apolished who would take on responsibilities like overseeing the research of our schools and enforcing laws that prohibit discrimination and also the monitoring of all the funding? >> i don't think it's going to happen, kyra. philosophically and historically, michele bachmann is right and one might point out
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our scores were better as a country before there was a department of education. but you would still see some federal oversight. there is still federal law and civil rights law and so on. but some of these things could be done in other places and departments. i was there in '84, '85 when ronald reagan tried to abolish this, was after a reagan landslide and it couldn't get done then and i doubt if it could get done this time even with a majority republican presidency and i think there are other fish to fry. >> if reagan couldn't get it done, is this conversation just
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a waste of time? >> i don't think it's a waste of time in this sense, because what we are having is a national debate about the role of the federal government and how much responsibility the federal government has. the department of education is is not central. i don't think it's as important to the debate as things like obama care, entitlements, federal spending and so on. but it's illustrative. if had you to choose between welfare and the department of education, the department of education could go. most of these functions could be done by the states. in fact, when i did a survey when i was secretary, we asked the recipients of our funds, most of whom were favor in a department, what was the single best program we had, they said it was the block grant and that is where we took the money from them and sent it right back to them. most of this could be done at the state and local level. >> obviously, a lot of reform happens at that level as well, bill. while i have you among the gop candidates. >> sure, sure. >> who are you supporting right now? >> i'm not supporting anyone. i've traveled with rick perry and found him to be a very, very good candidate, very compelling. i thought romney had a fabulous day yesterday. it looks like a two-man race
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right now, but we shall see. i think bachmann is not finished but perry has changed the chemistry for her and see when they get tomorrow night. it's after labor day, the republican debate and president speech and romney releasing his jobs plans today. we are in the thick of it and 14 more months of it. >> maybe at the end of the week we should talk again and recap the week. bill, thanks again. >> absolutely. thank you, kyra. bye. italian prosecutors will try again today to keep american amanda knox in prison for a long time. a jury convicted her of murder but her attorneys say the dna evidence is flawed. in parting, we wish you, we wish you love, peace, and soul! >> can you believe it's been 40 years since we first heard those words? in chicago, thousands of fans got to celebrate the anniversary of soul train!
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>> black, cowboy hat!
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showbiz headlines. who could forget "soul train." monday, 40th anniversary was celebrated in chicago. 14,000 people cheered as a street sign will go by the studio where he launched the show in '71. he showed the crowd he's still got the moves. madonna will have a new album in 2012 and her first since 2008. she expects a single in february or march. after leaving cbs for abc last june, tonight, katie couric makes her network debut on "night line" she talks to sarah jessica parker. couric is developing a day time
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talk show also for abc. american student on trial for murder in italy is depend on her dna. zain verjee is following this story out of london for us. >> reporter: the prosecutors are fighting back. they called on the stand the police forensic expert that did the initial dna analysis and they are coming out punching saying that they did everything that they should have done. the methods were accurate and they explained the kind of equipment that they used and said that they did everything the way that they should have and it was conclusive and that the first result of the initial trial was right on and that amanda knox was guilty and should be convicted. what essentially they are focusing on here is two pieces of critical evidence. genetic taerl of knox that is alleged to be on handle of the knife itself which the prosecution says was the murder
9:24 am
weapon of meredith kircher was the flat mate of amanda knox and on the metal of the bra clasp they are saying they handled that properly with equipment that would not have contaminated the evidence. amanda knox's attorneys are saying the two pieces of evidence were contaminated and not handled properly. it's back and forth and there will be rebuttals and at the end of the month, probably a verdict. we take you live to the opening bell on wall street and what could be another pretty ugly day of losses. sarah palin supporters are giving her advice about the white house. >> i appreciate your encouragement. >> but is palin already too far behind in the polls? we will look at that in 20 minutes. ♪
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checking top stories now. did moammar gadhafi escape labia? no one really knows but the government in neighboring niger says two convoys from libya are passing through the country right now. we are on the story. general david petraeus takes over the cia today ending 37-year military career. he calls his new job an exciting new journey. petraeus replaces leon panetta who is now secretary of defense. all right. it's almost half past the hour and time for the opening bell on wall street. be all early signs, well, it could be a pretty ugly day.
9:29 am
christine romans is at the new york stock exchange. markets definitely took a beating on friday and stocks already in the red. >> yeah. there was a three-day weekend. yesterday, europe was open. it had big losses yesterday, although it stabilized overnight. europe did and some of the other overseas markets. basically, the front page of "wall street journal" says today europe signals global gloom, and that is the story here. the u.s. is in malaise. jobs market problem here and no real catalyst seeing that turn around in the near term. that is a problem. eu, a debt crisis there. a huge economic powerhouse, the european union so that's is a slow down. basically, you have slow in growth and developed world and then you've got real problems in the engine of the world. slow growth for china and emerging markets as well. here we go. you know? there is no real reason to think that stocks should go higher in an environment where no one knows what it's going to be to turn everything around. you have oil prices lower and gold prices higher and some of the patterns we have seen on
9:30 am
fears of a global slow down just global malaise is what we got. futures were down more than 200 points for the dow. you look at the board here one after another the stocks start to open up. these numbers are not reflecting to you all of the stocks open in the dow 30 had you in premarket trading bank of america and a lot of financial stocks down as well. >> let's hope we get out of the negative territory and watch it throughout the day. >> reporter: if you look at your 401(k), just to let you know before lots here today, the dow down 3% for the year so far. nasdaq down 6.5% and s&p 500 down more than 6% for the year so far. it's been tough for stock market investors and mean for the rev of us in a retirement plan and 401(k) as well. let's just hope that the worse is behind us but down 181 right now and we will watch and see which components are the worst hit. >> we have been talking about
9:31 am
jobs report, jobs report. you know? lack of jobs. is it going to get any better? a lot of people focusing on obama's speech coming up on thursday and, you know, we are going to see how the markets react to that as well. >> the other thing is what president obama can say but it's what congress can do and there is this feeling, a widely retweeted headline in reuters how congress is hurting the economy and one of the things that people keep talking about. until you get a different story line out of washington, you're going to have uncertainty for companies and for individuals and here is what i'm talking about the story line. some people are saying that the president must do something to create jobs. and then you got the other side of the fence saying the president must undo everything he has done. there's so much space between those two positions and makes people wonder where there is room for compromise to actually get the economy on a solid footing and why people are saying the political environment is a negative right now for a recovery in the economy and the jobs market. >> christine, we will keep watching those numbers. still in negative territory now.
9:32 am
dow jones industrials down 272 points. thanks. one of the big st challenges to the economy is the miserable jobs market as we just mentioned. well paying jobs have disappeared and lower paying jobs replaced them and a lot of people odds of recovery are shaped by the factors beyond all of our control. cnn's toem foreman shows us who exactly is being hit the hardest. >> reporter: depending on where you live and who you are, this recession may have hit you much harder than it might somebody else. look at the country first of all, and where people are most unemployed. in the southeast dark blue area a lot of unemployment there. also out here in the west. if we try to find who is being hit the hardest, we are going to wind up in california in el central california they have almost 31% unemployment rate right now. who is hit the hardest? males or females? no surprise there. the males are pushing 10% unemployment across the country right now.
9:33 am
females about 8.5%. with we are looking at a male living in el central, california. what about the question of race? we have heard this over and over again. when you look at the numbers here, no question. african-americans are being hit much harder than anybody else. these are the highest numbers we have seen in many, many years so now we are talking about an african-american, young man living in california. i said a young man. what about the age here some? who is hit the hardest? 16 to 24. look how much joblessness in that group compared to everybody else. almost 18% of the unemployed people in this country are in that age group and most of all what about education? always a real factor here. you look at the education of our target person here, less than a high school diploma, they are hit the hardest. 14.3%. so if you try to say who is most likely being hit the hardest in this country? by the economic downturn, it's an african-american male living
9:34 am
in el centro, california, less than 24 years old and has less than a high school diploma. all of these are indicators of who is the most vulnerable and who has been pounded the most by this economic downturn if you live anywhere in the country and you qualify by some of this, this may me mean you're vulnerable. tomorrow, we will look at how the jobs have been lost, in many cases, were much better than the jobs that have been regained. kyra? >> tom, thanks. with the anniversary of 9/11 just days away, my next guest says while it's a reminder of what we have lost, it should also be an affirmation of what we have. what he means coming up. oh, we call it
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the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. great! did i mention no hands in the bundler? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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we have been talking about having some pretty ugly numbers today. you can see we are still in negative territory. dow industrials down 284 points. we are keeping an eye on the markets for you. over the next few days, it's pretty hard to get away from images of 9/11. you'll hear experts talking about the urgent lessons from that day. lz granderson says don't forget noo 9/11's other lessons. in your editorial you talk about a number of families you met who face every day of their life
9:38 am
after losing a member of their family to 9/11. what did you learn from these families? >> i learned a lot. i learned to appreciate the things that i have. i learned to appreciate the people who are in my life. i learned to appreciate the life that i have, you know, separate from anything that i may want in terms of consumption. so, you know, as we get bombarded, if you will, with a lot of media reminiscing and coverage of september 11th, it's i think important not to get so caught up in the depth and in the things that we have lost as a nation but look around our communities and appreciate what we have. >> you even say in your piece that you warn against, quote, obsessing over 9/11 before and after. why? >> well, because i think it's really easy for us in this 24-hours new cycle that we live in to become fixated on one story. the story of 9/11 is a tragic one and can cause us to have a blackened heart and have a
9:39 am
darkened view of our world, of our culture and what is happening in the future of our kids. getting so trapped up in that story line you forget some of the other things that are important. that is the heroes, the people who did make it home and the people who weren't in the buildings and having another day and another chance for life. i think that should be a part of the story lean and hopefully, when people read my piece thee feel the inspiration that times are tough right now but happiness is wanting what you have, but not always getting what you want. >> lz granderson, always get you to weigh in. bottom line, you're saying i love you more and that is not a bad thing. >> absolutely. >> thanks, lz. >> you can read his entire piece on if you'd like. join the conversation. leave a comment for lz. remnants of lee dumped record rainfall on eastern tennessee. we are going to tell you about the flooding in chattanooga and a lot of other damage done by the massive storm as we go across the country after the
9:40 am
break. sarah palin is attacking the president and taking an apparent swipe at gop front runners. does that mean she is ready for a white house run or just teasing her fans? [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges. hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables.
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check the big board once again. friday, not looking so good. we sort of expected this today. how ugly will it get? not sure yet but we are watching the numbers. other stories cross the
9:43 am
country we are watching. texas is burning. several large wildfires are burning across the state right now. one near austin has destroyed close to 500 homes and 3.5 million acres have burned. an area roughly the size of connecticut. those tornado warnings sounded again in suburban atlanta. the last remnants of lee causing tornadoes to touch down in several metro counties yesterday. high winds and knocked down trees. five-mile stretch, more than a hundred homes damaged or destroyed. chattanooga to the north, the problem was flooding. more than 8 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period breaking an all-time record. several creeks flooded and are not expected to crest until later today. sarah palin continues to keep people guessing about possible presidential plans but while we wait for her final
9:44 am
announcement she is not sitting on the sidelines. here is cnn's brian todd. >> they can't stop us! >> reporter: she is hitting those crucial early decision stops in iowa and new hampshire. soundsing out themes popular with the tea party. >> we believe that the government that governs least governs best. >> reporter: sarah palin hasn't said if she will jump into the presidential race but some in this crowd tried to push her along. >> i appreciate your encouragement. >> reporter: in new hampshire and iowa in recent days, palin has pounded on t themes of reducing the role of government and cutting taxes but she hasn't given specifics on what she would do to meet those goals. we called an e-mail palin's representative to get specifics to find out if she is jumping into the gop race or not. we didn't hear back. how long can palin keep her supporters wondering? >> she has been showing a lot of ankle but you can only do that so long. people eventually sense they are
9:45 am
being teased and they will fade back from that. >> reporter: palin is specific when she blames president obama for more spending and more regulation. but was the president her only target when she repeatedly said this in iowa and new hampshire? >> let's invite candidates who repudiate the crony capitalism and the corporate welfare! and the waste and the corrupt politics and the government bailouts for their buddies! >> reporter: some analysts believe the phrase crony capitalism is a swipe from palin at texas governor rick perry who jumped into the race and straight into lead among the gop candidates. political opponents long accused perry of having government posts and contracts and contacted by cnn a spokesman for perry says he and palin are friends, she once campaigned for him and she must have been talking about washington politicians, not about perry's record of jop creation and physical
9:46 am
conservatism. she has taken jabs of romney recently leading to speculation she may be losing ground to the three candidates who are firmly in the gop race for topping the polls. i posed that question to susan paige. is she eclipsed by perry, bachmann and romney? >> i think it's dangerous to assume that. she is the original tea party candidate and she has clout she can exercise each with the other candidates in the race. >> reporter: page and other analysts point out if and when palin jumps in she may get the instant boost in the poles that perry got and likely command more media attention than any candidate. palin has previously indicated she plans to make a decision about the presidential race by the end of this month. brian todd, cnn, washington. generation y better work hard because they may not be able to count on an inherit tans. details of a new survey next. well-being. we're all striving for it.
9:47 am
purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. we're going to head on into the interview. evan, sandy . . . evan .. what pushed you toward the explorer? it was less expensive. better technology inside. there was stuff that we have in our car that i didn't even know existed. how does your music gear fit in there? it fits perfectly. i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetris. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford. do you want to borrow my keys.
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many kids can kiss their inheritance good-bye. careen that is here with us with the details of a new survey. what is the deal, carina? >> the deal is that many of these parents are going to spend their money instead of leaving it to their kids. we have a new survey from the u.s. trust that found that 51% of rich baby boomers say it's not important to leave their kids an inheritance. the survey measured boomers with more than $3 million. most of them say they are self-made. -- most of them say they're self-made, earned their money from hard work and sacrifice and now want to spend it as they choose, which is mainly to travel. some say they've already given thin an inheritance, and others
9:50 am
are worried about running out of money, thanks to high medical costs. and still some are not truthful about how much they're actually worth. they haven't told their children that much. kids planning to bank on that are parents, it's a bit of disappointing news, and i kind of hope my parents aren't watching now. >> i already knew from beginning with that paper route, i had to work hard. >> that's why you've gotten to where you are. >> that's why we're talking here on cnn. are we expecting a bit of a sell-off today? >> yeah, it's a bad day today. we have the major indices down by more than 2%. the dow is now 264 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq also down. the drop started on thursday. then on friday we had the weak jobs report, which sent the dow down by more than 200 points. yesterday the european stocks were really hammered, and there's new worries about the european economy. now the sell-off has circled
9:51 am
back here today. we're expecting a weak reading on the services sector, so not looking like a nice day on wall street. >> carina, we'll keep checking in. appreciate it. the california supreme court will hear arguments on proposition 8, the ballot measure banning same-sex marriage, and the u.s. senate is back in session. and republican presidential hopeful mitt romney revealing thinks plan for creating jobs. that will happen 3:30 eastern time. we're following lots of development in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." let's check in with jim spellman in texas. >> reporter: hi, kyra, we're in bastrop, texas. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. i'm rob marciano. remnants of lee causing havoc as far as flooding and severe weather. that's moving to the north and east. katia now a major category 3 hurricanes. details in the next hour. i'm dan lothian at the white house, where president obama is
9:52 am
putting the finishing touches on his jobs plan he'll unveil a thursday, even as critics are asking for real ideas, not another speech. details at the top of the hour. thanks, guys. spying on friends, the u.s. bugging the israeli embassy? an fbi translator releases the transcripts to a blogger. we'll talk to the reporter who broke the story.
9:53 am
9:54 am
all right. we're keeping our eye on the
9:55 am
markets. dow industrials unfortunately still in negative territory, down 251 points. we'll keep watching it for you. let's talk sports. how about college football? there were probably more tweets about what maryland was wearing than how they were playing. they had new uniforms and helmets for their opening game. the design, well, the colors based on the state flag. lebron james, though, not a fan. he actually tweeted, matter lend uniforms? maybe they were good luck. matter lend beat miami. to the links now, webb simpson sinking a birdie putt on the first play offhole. his wife cheers him on. son james not so thrilled. probably the jiggling up and down put him off.
9:56 am
another birdie to one, the second tour victory in three weeks. more familiar support, this time roger federer's dad in the red cap. he served four aces in a row in the match. won easily to advance to the quart quarterfinals. who hasn't had arch agonizing leg crash, but at the u.s. open, he had what you could call the mother of charley horses many that was just one of the oddities. jeanne moos takes it from there. >> reporter: when rafael nadal sank lower and lower in the middle of a press conference, it was unlike anything we had seen before, unlike the time marie osmond just fainted on "dancing with the stars." people are always fainting in
9:57 am
the public. to a guest on glenn beck's old show. to audience members lulled into unconsciousness by politicians. >> that everybody agrees. >> but nadal didn't pass out. he cramped up grimacing, covering the face with his arm, and repeatedly sighing. >> are you doing okay? >> no. he did ask someone to call the trainers. forget tennis elbow. he's set a new standard of pain for the leg cramp. you know the thing that most of us have at night in bed. >> a knot in the twist and you get up, thinking, okay, let me walk this off, and you're like -- >> except nadal couldn't even walk, slid to the floor with his right hamstring and thigh cramping. >> okay. i think we'll -- >> reporter: after almost ten minutes of massage, ice packs
9:58 am
and gatorade, nadal was fine. he told cbs sports that the humidity during the match was probably to blame, and he gets cramps often. >> yeah, lots of times, nothing new, but not during a press conference. >> there was morse hustle cramping at the u.s. open. oh, wait, that's dancing. a spectator in the stands was imitated on the court. the two later danced together. of course. rafael nadal's tennis cramp could have happened at an even worse time. what in his leg stiffened during the armani underwear shoots. tennis fans posted remedies. yellow mustard helps, one spoonful every night has stopped cramps for me. the people's pharmacy noted that some keeping -- to eat, not run.
9:59 am
maybe rafael nadal could improve his serve, serving mustard. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. let's start the hour with your money, or lack of it. just over a half hour ago, the opening bell rang, stocks have been in the deep red ever since. now christine romans, where do we stand? >> well, we stand 240 points lower than the close on friday. so below 11,000. you know that the major stock averages, kyra, are negative for the year. that's because there are concerns now about just how weak the u.s. economy is. could that jobs report on friday, which showed no net job creation? would it be a signal the confidence is so weak, and then overseas in europe, big concerns about that big economy and just how hard it will be to shake off its own debt crisis there, so
10:00 am
two big huge developed markets that have question marks, and that is why you're seeing stocks down. the engine for the growth of the world has been emerges markets, and by all accounts they are growing more slowly than in recent months and quarters. so some of the engine of global growth might be slowing down a bit, too. that's all leading to the path of least resistance is to sell stocks if you're concerned about a global slowdown. demand for oil will go down, so $84 a barrel for oil right now. a spike overnight in gold prices, as you know, when people get concerned about the direction of the world economy and jobs growth, they've been going into gold, no exception there. last night we've got financial stocks, i told you to watch those. they're down today, 4%, 5% each,
10:01 am
many of these are probably in europe 401(k). one of the reasons there is the u.s. government, kyra, got lost in the jobs report. the u.s. government is suing 17 bank it is and financial companies to try to get back taxpayer money in the mortgage debacle of the past few years. kyra? >> christine, thanks. we'll keep watching number. the quote that everyone is talking about this morning, teams sisters president jim hoffa on the tea party. take a listen. >> we've got to keep an eye on the battle we face, a war on workers. you see it every. it is the tea party. you know there's only one way to beat and win that war. the one thing about working people is, we like a good fight. you know what? they've got a war, they've got a war with us, and there's only going to be one winner. it's going to be the workers of michigan and america. we're going to win that war. president obama, this is your
10:02 am
army. we are ready to march, and president obama, we want one thing -- jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs! that's what we're going to tell him. he's going to be -- when he sees what we're doing here, he will be inspired, but he needs help. you know what? everybody here has got to vote. if we go back, keep the eye on the prize, let's take these sons of -- out and get back to where we belong. >> dan, how is the white house responding this morning? >> reporter: well, they're not. in fact, as the internet continues to burn with, you floe, comments about those remarks, you know, the suggestion that the president should weigh in and could not democrat them, i did have an e-mail exchange with a official who reiterated the white house
10:03 am
would have no comment. instead what they're talking about is the focus of this administration, as the president is days away from delivers his jobs speech. we're being told it would be a combination of things we have heard before and new ideas, a mix of things the president can do on his own and get going right away, and others things, of course, will face some hurdles. those are things that must be approved by congress. but the things that the president has put out there already, things such as extending the unemployment benefits, the payroll tax cut, getting those trade deals done, and thence of course what appears to be a central focus of the president's plan, something he teed up yesterday during remarks in detroit, infrastructure investments. >> we've got roads and bridges that need rebuilding. we've got private companies with the equipment and the manpower
10:04 am
to do the building. we've got more than 1 million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now. there is work to be done and there are workers ready to do it. >> reporter: and of course as the president gets ready to unveil his plan, mitt romney, the republican presidential hopeful, laying out his plan, 59 points or so, that he's laying out today. we don't know all the specifics in the president's plan, keeping that secret no now until the president vales that, but a lot of criticism saying this administration has had ample opportunity to turn the economy around and they have failed. what they need to do is focus on move some of the regulations that are keeping companies on the sidelines from investing. that's where the focus needs to be f i should point out also that the president, after he delivers his speech on thursday, will hit the road to try and sell the plan, stopping first in richmond, virginia, we're told
10:05 am
by the white house that the president throughout the fall will be traveling across the country to explain his plan to the american people. kyra? >> dan, thanks so much. stay with us in about ten minutes we'll have the chairwoman amy kremer to talk about what she thought of jim hoffa's comments. you heard dan lothian talking about the president's jobs speech on thursday, well admit romney to the list. paul stein hauser has some of the key points. paul? >> good morning, kyra, later today, he's going to be the trucking company in north las vegas, but he gave us a sneak peek in an op-ed in "you see today." one of the proposals, lowering the corporate tax rate and tax rate for individuals, also paring back regulations, increase domestic energies production, push right to work legislation, and cutting the federal budget. as you had mentioned, 59 things
10:06 am
he says he can do. ten he says he can do on the first day he goes to the white house. ky kyra, as you can imagine the democrats already criticizing these ideas. but also some fellow republicans who are also running for the nomination, like jon huntsman, already criticizing him. we'll have a lot more later today. kyra, back to you. paul, thanks. once again president obama will unveil his own jobs creation plan before the joint session of congress thursday. cnn's live coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. all right. now the wildfires racing across two states in southern california, the crash of a single-engine plane ignited the blaze nearly 5,000 acres burned there. one home lost and hundreds more in danger. then in texas, dozens of twild fires burn there, the largest near austin has destroyed nearly 500 homes.
10:07 am
>> we left our house, and about 30 minutes later we couldn't get back to it. so it's moving probably 8, 10 miles an hour across the ground. so god help us. that's all we with do right now. >> it's the worst fire season in texas history. last hour we heard from governor rick perry. jim spellman is in bastrop, texas. what's the situation now, jim? >> reporter: hey, kyra, this wall of smoke has dissipated. this morning they're getting a break. the winds are low and it's very cool, still probably only in the 60s here. that's what they need to get the aircraft up bleaks between the active fire and fuel of the forest. shift change right now. the day crews are coming in to take advantage of the work they
10:08 am
have done overnight. crews are assessing what needs to be done at all the fires across the state. governor perry just got back from his own helicopter tour of a different fire. here's what he had to say. >> the magnitude of these losses are pretty stunning some thousand homes we have lost. weaver over 100,000 acres of new fir fires. even with this tragedy, the good news is that there are no lives lost in these neighborhoods. >> reporter: kyra, as soon as they get one fire knocked down, another one seems to spring up all across the state of texas. all it takes is spark and a little wind and they have another fire going. >> jim, we'll keep talking. meanwhile, in our neck of the woods, rob, remnants of lee?
10:09 am
>> we had some rough weather last night. we had severe weather across north georgia, including a couple tornadoes. now this entire thing is beginning to fan out across the eastern seaboard and threat no stwert does exist across parts of the carolinas, especially. we've got the have slow-moving lee, very slow-moving front that's better acting. so just be aware of that, and we'll let you know when warnings pop up. so far so good as far as any tornadoes touching down. the rainfall will be the other big issue. notice the brighter colors a little farther to the west. these are going to be susceptible to flooding over the next couple days as well.
10:10 am
katia is now a category 3. winds over 125 miles an hour, and its move is off toward the northwest at 10 miles an hour. we anticipate that to continue until it interacts with this front that's off the east coast right now. we like that, and that will keep things calm at least on the wind and the rain front. hot on the heels is this disturbance out there. but that one may take a better shot at us than katia. if you're heading to the beach today, big-time surf, dangerous rip tides, stay out of the water if you should choose to do so. american student on trial for murder in italy is pinning her future on dna evidence, evidence that amanda knox's attorney calls flawed. zain verjee is following the story from london. >> hi there, kyra. they are coming out punching. they put forward the police
10:11 am
forensic experts who initially gathered the pieces of critical pieces of evidence. the expert says they handled all the evidence properly. they used the right methodology and equipment that they used at the time back in 2009 was okay. >> that's what they used to prosecute amanda knocks. this is the appeal trial. we're in final arguments, so this is the pivotal final stretch of what we're going to see happen. the two pieces of key evidence, basically a nice that the prosecution says was used in killing her roommate at the time, and they say knox's genetic material was on the handle. they say the bra clasp of meredith kirscher also shall dna evidence of amanda knocks's boyfriend at the time. independence forensic experts came in and said that's not the
10:12 am
case, these two pieces cannot be admissible because they were handled incredibly. her father says she's anxious and looking forward to a decision and said it's good for amanda to have these pieces of evidence basically debinked. this is a dramatic moment. everything is hinging around these two things. kyra? >> zain verjee, thanks. the new mexico legislature is in special session. on the agenda, whether to roll back a law that allows undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. and teamsters boss jim hoffa calls the tea party a bunch of s.o.b.s. the tea party fires back, coming up. to keep in balance after 50,
10:13 am
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capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. at least 48 people were shot, 33 on sunday alone in new york, possibly because a lot of people were partying over the weekend. the latest incident in brooklyn last night. two police officers injured, it happened in a gunfight in the crown heights neighborhood. a special session of the new mexico legislature convenes today. ♪ this was definitely a highlight of the mda, darius rucker singing with abby umar,
10:16 am
even without longtime host jerry lewis, they took in $61.5 million. lewis retired this year, but he was remembered with a two-minute montage at the end of the show. things got hot at a huge pro-wlab, pro-obama labor day rally. it all started with a fiery speech from jim hoffa. >> we've got to keep an eye on the battle we face, a war on workers. you see it everywhere. it is the tear party. you know there's only one way to beat and end that war. the one thing about working people is, we like a good fight. you know what? they've got a war, they've got a war with us, and there's only going to be one winner. it's going to be the workers of michigan and america. we're going to win that war. president obama, this is your army. we are ready to march, and president obama we want one thing -- job job, job, jobs,
10:17 am
jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs! that's what we're going to tell him. when he sees what we're doing here, he will be inspired, but he needs help. you know what? everybody here's got a vote. if we keep theize on the prize, let's keep these sons of bitches out. >> not surprising, the tea party isn't really happy with hoffa this morning. amy kremer joins me from manchester, new hampshire. your reaction? >> i think it's disgraceful. i'm shocked that he would say those things, but what's even more disturbing, you know, this was not a private event where he made these remarks. this was an introduction for the president of the united states speaking, and the fact that the president or the democratic party -- no one has denounced this is just absurd.
10:18 am
this is essentially calling for violence on the members of the tea party movement, which are everyday average americans that are just concerned about the direction of the country. so when is the president or debbie wasserman schultz going to step up and say this is not acceptable? >> amy, obama wasn't on stage when hoffa spoke. does that make a difference? >> of course it makes a difference. i introduced sarah palin yesterday. if i had said something like that and sarah palin was coming up to speak, do you think she would have gone right along with it? no, it is absolutely outrageous. what happened to the call for civil discourse after the attempt on gabby giffords's life. this is unacceptable. no one is doing anything about it, but yet when somebody gets out of the line in the tea party movement, everybody runs to us and says aren't you going to denounce their behavior, their rhetoric?
10:19 am
we do it time and time again. when will somebody go and call them out for what they're doing? >> amy, there's been tough language on both sides as you know. how do you defend joe wilson when he screamed "you lie" at the president on the united states senate floor. >> it wasn't appropriate and shouldn't have been said. many people have said that, but the fact is that's not inciting violence. this is inciting violence. it's calling to take us out. what does he moon? this is a problem. we are a threat to their agenda. we're a threat to the liberal left agenda, and they are going to do anything and everything they can to stop us. we don't want a war with anybody. we want to rein in this excessive spending government regulation and get our economy back on track. that's what we care about. >> i'm looking back at the exact sound bite. i want to make the point that
10:20 am
hoffa was talking about the vote when he was saying we've got to take them out. he was not advocating violence as you're asserting. >> kyra, kyra, anybody that that he let's take out these sobs, i mean, that is absurd. that is not the language we should be using when having these conversations. i wouldn't say it. i wouldn't expect any tea party leader or member of the republican parties to say that. it is absurd. just like the things with maxine waters, that they can all go straight to hell and i'm going to help them get there. there's no excuses for this. you cannot excuse this behavior. it's unacceptable. it needs to change and president obama and the democratic party needs to denounce this immediately. >> amy kremer, appreciate you weighing in this morning. >> thank you. katy couric makes her debut tonight. details next in the show biz
10:21 am
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let's get to your headlines. oh, yeah. bringing back the soul train memories. guess what? monday was the show's 40th anniversary, celebrated in chicago. 15,000 people cheered on, as don cornelius got an honorary street sign. he first launched the show in '71. even at 74 years old, oh, yeah,
10:24 am
the "soul train" host pulled out a few moves. madonna will have a new album for 2012. she tells swedish tv she expects a single in february or march. tonight katie couric makes her network debut. she talks to sara jessica parkers about movies, kids and what parker calls the, quote, snarky media. ed rollins says he's no longer running the bachmann campaign and tells cnn it's a rom in/perry race, but is it too early to say? your political buzz is next. the 3.6-liter v6 engine of the jeep grand cherokee has a best-in-class driving range of over 500 miles per tank. so you can catch morning tee time in monterey and the afternoon meeting in los angeles,
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double on groceries, and a single point on everthing else, it's a fast way to earn more every day. plus, you can earn 10,000 bonus points. and the annual fee the first year is on us. call to apply. a look at the best political topics of the day. and playing today, robert zimmerman, sirius xm political
10:28 am
talk show host pete dominic, and will cain. in an interview with cnn, ed rollins says this -- >> i think legitimately it's a romney/perry race, with leaders in the polls. i think she's the third candidate at this point in time, which is way different and better than we thought at the start of this thing. >> guys, is it too early to say we're in a two-person race? robert? >> well, ed is kernel correct, in terms of fund-raising, but in terms of a race for the nomination at this stage, it's a one-person race. it's rick perry versus rick perry. let's see in these critical debates coming up, how well he holes up to comments about a ponzi scheme, or for that matter staying that u.s. senators should be chosen not by we, the people, bur by politicians in our state legislatures, that's
10:29 am
his report. >> will? >> it is too early, but if you're already in the rain, you're kind of in mile 24, 25 of a marathon. you need to make your move very soon. the reason for that was illustrated yesterday when huntsman wasn't invited to the palmetto forum, so you'll risk not being in the conversation. if you have big name recognition, you can drop in late, and there's only a couple the thofs, palin, chris christie, jeb bush. >> pete? >> i think it's probably too early. i think we'll see a santorum/herman cain ticket. i think robert is right. rick perry who doesn't believe in climbed change had to run back to texas, because 500 homes are burning in the worst fires in that state's history. so we'll see what happens.
10:30 am
the fact of the matter is the field is very, very weak. even in his terrible poll numbers and economic data coming out. bachmann just lost rollins and a top deputy. as a member of congress, she has a reputation for high staff turnover. do voters care about staff shake-ups? >> no, they won't even know about it, but voters do tend to get an impress. there was a moment yesterday when michele bachmann said mitt romney's health care man dade was unconstitutional at the federal level. she was pushed into why. she said, i don't know, but she was no less certain. maybe you didn't hear that. maybe you heard when she said she would promise $2 gas. these things begin to accumulate. this turnover will add to that. >> robert? >> sure it matters, kyra. what's particularly significant
10:31 am
is normally there are staff shake-ups. under rollins' leadership, his team brought great discipline. in fact, she won the iowa straw ballot contest. so they were doing quite well. the question is going to be what replaces the rollins' team, and can she regain the confidence of fund-raisers in particular. >> pete? >> wihandsome will cain is correct. the fact that the head campaign adviser should be some concern if you pay attention, but most people hear you say this today, kyra. ed rollins, michele bachmann's campaign adviser has stepped down, blah blah blah, we don't care, it's too earlier. and the staffers don't matter. >> are you saying robert is not handsome? >> robert is handsome, but i'm willing to say will cain is even better-looking. >> this is going to happened. one of the these days we're going to do this.
10:32 am
>> my mother agrees with you, pete, but i liked you better when you were talking about santorum and herman cain as the ticket. >> jimmy hoffa, as you have heard, let's re-rack it, said this at a presidential event yesterday. >> president obama, we want one thing -- jobs, jobs, jobs -- everybody here's got to vote. if we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let's take these sons of bitches out and give america back to where it belongs. >> the president was not on stage, but should the teamsters president still apologize for the rough language? will? >> honestly, kyra, it stuff doesn't bother me. it both mess me to use poor grammar. it's sons of bitches, not son of -- >> but it does matter to
10:33 am
president obama. he has asked for civility. by that standard there should be an apology. >> robert? >> of course not. jimmy hoffa was speaking at a rally on labor day at a time when a right for labor to organize is under national attack. under the worst assault we have seen since the creation of organized labor. he did the right thing, and i've called out my party when i thought they crossed the line, this is not the same situation. >> pete, you've used worst language in your stand-ups. >> yeah, i've used worse language here. he's jimmy hoffa jr., do you think he's going to talk to gm autoworkers a different way? do you think they've been on the assembly line and it hurts their fingers and they say "son of a b"? no, we're making a big deal, and the president loses the message, because we're not talking at all
10:34 am
about what he said and i give credit -- [ buzzer ] >> did you want to finish the thought? >> no, i playly the rules. >> very responsive, pete, that was good. >> good thing, pete. >> and it was all clean. thanks, guys. remnants of lee causing problems across the southeast. [ sirens ] tornado warnings echo through the metro atlanta area. we're going to show you the damage left behind. and a quick look at the big board. dow industrials down 295 points. be keep going deeper in the red we're following all your money on wall street. each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge
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starting sinus cross country now. texas still burning. several large wildfires across the state. one near austin has already
10:38 am
destroyed close to 500 homes. 3.5 millions acres have burned. that's an area roughly the size of connecticut. [ sirens ] those were tornado warnings sounding again and again in suburban atlanta, the last remnants of lee caused tornadoes to touch down in several metro counties yesterday. high winds knocked down trees and power lines. in just a five-mile stretch more than 100 homes were damaged or destroyed. in chattanooga to the north, the problem was flooding. more than 8 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period. several creeks flooded. they're not expected to crest until later today. okay. we continue to keep a close eye on wall street, where stocks have been tumbling since the opening bell just over an hour ago. let's check in with carina huber at the stock exchange. where are the numbers now? >> we see the dow is near
10:39 am
session lows. it's the banking stocks getting hammered. j.p. morgan chase down by five. some of the investment banks are selling off pretty sharply today. the sell-off follows a drop in the overseas market. we have the same problems as in asia and europe, and fears that greece's debt problems are out of control and spreading. investors are looking past an unexpected rise in the u.s. services sector, really essentially we've got negative sentiment hanging over everything right now. another story that call our eye. retailers fighting for federal permission to accept food stamps. tell us about that. we're seeing a huge surge in the number of places accepting food stamps right now. let's take a look at the chart. the number of retailers surged 34% over the past five years according to the u.s. department of agriculture. that's unprecedented growth, including everything from grocery stores to bakeries.
10:40 am
nearly 300% increase we have seen in the number of farmers' markets taking food stamps. why? a record number of americans are on food stamps, 40 million, over a tenth of the population. basically retailers want to cash in on the huge and underserved mark. >> all right, ka rkarina, appreciate it. we're going to talk about a study that says, watch out for your kids ooze teeth. apparently young people who play sports will lose 3 million teeth this year because of the basketball and baseball. mouth guards and helmets help, but it can't stop the problem. if a child suffers a broken or cracked tooth, the advice is to get there right away. if it's knocked out completely, preserve it and try to get it back in in 30 minutes. the blogger winds up behind
10:41 am
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dad: what're gonna do? anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: there's an easier way to save. teen: whatever. anncr: get online. go to 15% or more on car insurance.r:u we continue to watch your monday. we had a bad day on friday, not looking so good after the labor day weekend. dow industrials down 282 points. we continue to watch your money. plus our next guest puts it, it's a rare glimpse of america spying on a very close ally. an fbi translator is serving time for leaking secret
10:44 am
transcripts of wiretaps on the israelis embassy. the transcripts were passed on to a blogger by the name of richard silverstein. scott shane got an exclusive interview with that blogger. scott joins me to talk about the case. what does this tell us about the truth between the u.s. and one of its closest allies? >> well, the people who follow intel gents matters, it's really not a big surprise. israel has a fairly aggressive spying operation in the united states. the u.s. spies on israel, but it's all particularly between allies, it's kept so secret that most people aren't aware of it. so this case, one of the five leak prosecution under the obama administration has offered a small window on this. it's just fbi eavesdropping on the israeli embassy in washington. >> after seeing the transcripts, we're talking about these transcripts, is there a belief
10:45 am
that israel is a threat to american security? >> well, i think -- i think that's a matter of debate. i quoted a guy as saying he thought it was a waste of taxpayer money, because israel doesn't pose any kind of security threat, but because israel is a close ally, is involved in many important american foreign policy issues, and also, you know, we like to keep an eye on people who are watching us. the fbi has responsibility for counterintelligence. that means watching the spies operating out of foreign embassies. israel has said, by people who have worked with the fbi and cia over the years, to be a fairly aggressive intelligence service in the united states, keeping an eye on american industry and american government. the fbi's job is to essentially
10:46 am
spy on their spies. >> so final question, silverstein says he sees himself as a martyr, a whistle-blower, not a deceitful person, so explain his motivations here? what's your take? >> well, what richard silverstein, who is a left-wing american blogger who covers israel, told me was shamia leibowitz gave him these transcripts because partly he was afraid israel would launch air strikes on nuclear sites and there would be bad consequences both for israel and the u.s., and also he felt that israel diplomats were being too aggressive. >> "new york times" scott shane, an interesting read. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. you bet. well, tonight it's the debut of cnn's "footnotes of 9/11" i've got more on that coming on next.
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
well, on sunday cnn will have live coverage of 9/11 remembrance events throughout the today, but tonight we begin with stories you haven't heard before. drew griffin brings us the "footnotes of 9/11." here's a peek. ♪ >> reporter: they came to work expecting just another ordinary day. >> this guy doesn't look like an arab terrorist.
10:50 am
nobody does. >> people living ordinary lives. >> all i know is there was trouble, and i wanted to warn everybody. >> suddenly thrust into one of the most horrific days in american history. >> they said, we have some planes, we clearly have a hijack in progress. >> there are 1,742 footnotes in the official 9/11 commission report. >> they just said be prepared to shoot down the next hijack track. and came back, roger. >> these are the stories buried in the footnotes, many never before told. >> they kept coming. at one point we got under a minute and terry said it's about 30 seconds out. >> of their experiences that day, and the days and years that
10:51 am
followed. >> why so i see mohammed atta driving by me, looking at me in a car. >> what is more to the point of beware of cockpit intrusion. >> when i go out on a beautiful day, i look up and go, that guy is september 11th blue. that's what was taken away from me. >> tell you what, drew, of all the ways to tell the 9/11 story, it's a pretty unique approach. >> finding the footnotes, we had the help of the three investigators who kind of led that report. we want, who are the most interesting people we haven't heard from. they come up with these names. they are fascinating. some of them really -- we had to negotiate with them to get their stories told, because they still feel they could have done so much more that day. >> what stood out to you. anything surprise you? >> i think what will stand out to a lot of people is the guys
10:52 am
who checked in the terrorists. both of them, whether at dulles or in portland, maine, have both said, man, these guys are terrorists. they knew in their brain they were terrorists, but they let them go. >> what stood out was how all these reacted. what was apparent what was happening in the united states, they didn't wait for any justification or orders from above, they all acted and tried to stop the damage, and they live with regrets of how they did that, but they did do something that day. >> that was my next question, regrets. ten years later, how are they doing? >> some not so good. ed balancinger, the united airlines dispatcher literally has been sailing on a sailboat trying to sail away from his emotional problems. he still regrets not sending a stronger message to his pilots in the air, one of them on 175, who was literally hijacked minutes after he sent that message.
10:53 am
>> wow. drew, thanks. well, you can remember this sunday, cnn once again will have live coverage on 9/11, but don't forget tonight, drew's unique look at 9/11, footnotes of that day, stories you have never heard until now. tonight 11:00 eastern. all right. let's check stories making news later today. california supreme court will hear arguments on prop 8, the ballot mesh banning same-sex marriage. and the uss senate is back in session. and mitt romney reveals his plan for creating jobs at 3:30 eastern. coming up in the newsroom with suzanne malveaux, the hacking scandal continues today. prime minister david cameron goes in front of parliament in just about ten minutes. we'll have a live report. it may not be uncommon to accidentally leave behind a purse, coat, even a credit card, but what about the prototype for apple's latest iphone.
10:54 am
we're looking into new reports that an employee forgot the gadget at a san francisco bar.
10:55 am
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all right. well, things didn't look so good with regard to the markets on friday, and once again today, after a labor day weekend, the numbers still not looking so good. deep in the red, minus 271. we are watching your money.
10:57 am
it's a big week for job growth plans. we've got the president's on thursday, and today it's mitt romney's turns. dan lothian has more on the week. hey, dan. >> reporter: hello. indeed the president putting the finishes touches on the plan he'll unveil. white house aides saying it will be a mix of things the president can do on his own, but also things that will require approval. we do know it will involve some things like infrastructure investment jobs in rebuilding roads, bridges, airports and also schools. as you pointed out, republicans also rolling out or republican candidates rolling out their own economic proposals as well, include former massachusetts governor mitt romney, who has a 59-point plan, everything from overhauling the tax system to
10:58 am
the easing of regulations. of course these republican presidential hopefuls seizing on the dismal job number that showed last month. >> also dan, something else we've been talking about, the politics and the shake-up in michele bachmann's campaign. >> reporter: that's right. ed rollins, who has also been a contributor in the past to cnn, stepping down saying that now at this age, it is difficult for him to put in those long, hard hours. he will still remain an outside adviser to the campaign, also the number two person stepping down as well. it's unclear exactly what this means in terms of her xarn moving forward, but certainly it's significant when you have someone of that level stepping down. >> dan lothian, thanks. we'll have your next political update in about an hour. for a reminder, you can always go to our website.
10:59 am
that does it for us. we'll be back here bright and early in the morning. drew griffin in for our suzanne malveaux, working on that terrible piece, a different approach to looking at this anniversary. >> should be interesting as we work our way toward the tenth anniversary. >> you always find the unique stories, that's for sure. >> thanks. we will continue with the breaks news. i am drew griffin in for suzanne. let's get you up to speed on september 6th. more parched earth. wildfires raging. the worst near austin. 500 homes have been destroyed, at least 5,000 people forced to evacuate, some with just minutes. i don't know,


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